There is an immense amount of power in the hands of criminal prosecutors today.  You may ask how that impacts you.

We think we understand the law and most of us can rattle off the names of crimes without having to think about it:  murder, theft, battery, and rape, etc.

But what most people don’t understand is that laws that were regulatory have expanded.  Now people are very likely to break the law without knowing it!

Over the centuries, there has been an increasing scope of people who can be victims of crimes.  Way back during the Roman Empire, a Roman man, head of the household, would not be prosecuted if he were to beat his slaves, his children or his wife to death!

Property crimes were considered as bad or worse than crimes against people, i.e., horse thievery. This was because the laws were made to protect wealthy people.

As we have become more democratic, crimes against property became less serious than crimes against people.  Even then, old ways hung on: The concept of raping a spouse only became criminal in 1920!   

Furthermore, we have the legislature always working and making new laws.  As more people are charged and convicted with crimes, and as incarceration increases, legitimate options for convicted people have gotten smaller.  As jail sentences have gotten longer and judges are encouraged to give the harshest sentences, people are branded as ex-cons forever.  They have limited access to societal help.  The result is that we are creating more people who are incapable of reintegrating into society.

What are the consequences to you?

  • More people have to live outside the general society.  They have to engage in criminal activity because of lack of options.
  • Laws that used to be regulatory now can be a federal offense and this includes the act of filling out federal forms incorrectly!

Listen to Matt’s show and find out how to identify “hidden” pitfalls –  Find out how to avoid breaking the law without knowing it!

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