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matt_7_15_17_border2In this week’s detailed and fascinating new show, Matt Bromund, Principal Attorney of the Bromund Law Group, dives into the common sense and conundrum of DUI law.

We have all been inundated with decades of advertising that point out the dangers of drinking and driving.

Common sense and experience tells us that focus, attention and skill are needed to drive a motor vehicle.

The problem comes when we take a common sense proposition and turn it into law.

Once the population got the idea that drinking and driving was dangerous and done all the time, the legislature:

  1. Lowered the blood alcohol levels allowed in the system
  2. Simplified the burden of proof needed for the government to prove you are under the influence
  3. Increased financial penalties and a benefits for the state.

Now a DUI can be a net gain of $10,000-$15,000 for the state of California.  The cost for the defendant can be $25,000-30,000.  Of course, one cannot put a price on someone’s life.  However are these people criminals in the true sense of the word?

Common sense and experience has shown that there are two kinds of people who drink and drive.

  1. Alcoholics – who are people who are struggling with the disease of alcoholism
  2. People who don’t think they are under the influence – people who perceive that they are okay after a drink or two.

Alcoholism:  There are some counties and judges that are trying to shift from a punitive to a more therapeutic approach but that is not all counties.  That effort is mainly piecemeal in California. When Matt recognizes that a client may be suffering from alcoholism, he works to aggressively get that person into support groups and therapy.

If you, or someone you know, needs support with the problem of alcoholism, Matt invites you to call the Bromund Law. They will do their best to help you at NO CHARGE.

People who don’t think they are under the influence:     Did you know that you could be arrested for DUI driving in your own driveway?

Listen to Matt’s new show to hear about a client of his who was acting as a good Samaritan and arrested for a DUI in her own driveway after 1 glass of wine!  Find out how, with his help, she prevailed in court.

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