MattBromundshow9_borderMatt Bromund, principal attorney at the Bromund Law Group,  is the coach for the Oxnard High School Mock Trial Team!

Mock Trial is a way for law students, college students, and high school students  to practice the skills of being a courtroom attorney.   Mock trials are also used by attorneys if they want to run through their evidence ahead of time in an important case.

Matt elucidates about mock trials:  At the high school level they take a known  list of witnesses and their statements and put on a trial.

Every year, across the state, high school participants receive a case  put out by the  Constitutional Rights Foundation.  Then the students take on roles of bailiff, court clerk, lawyer, and witness.  It is a very exciting time and courtrooms in Ventura are filled with great energy on the days of the mock trials.  The students compete from local, state, and all the way to the national level!

Matt explains that not all his students are headed for being attorneys — some want to be journalists or courtroom artists — but they all want to learn through experience.

The students learn a myriad of skills and gain incredible growth through the mock trial program.   “By the time they are done, they are always are overwhelmed at how far they’ve come.”

Trial attorneys of Ventura County have invested in this program and the public can attend the mock trials.  The competition has been going for more than 10 years and 30 high schools in Ventura County participate.

The last week of February is the time for the mock trial competition. Listen to Matt’s exciting new show and find out more about how mock trials have enriched his life and the lives of his students in Ventura County.

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