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Today, Matt Bromund dissects the law for our benefit!  From the 10 commandments to the 21st Century!  How come  it is so easy for the everyday person to break the law nowadays?

The answer is easy:  There is so much more law.  Living as a law-abiding citizen is more complicated!

In ancient times, it was hard to chisel words on stone and this physically encouraged simplicity and brevity – “Thou shalt not kill.”   Today, billions of words are analyzed, honed to their exact meanings, and stored in huge data bases by legislative bodies.

Politics also comes into the equation, Matt says. Legislators write laws or eliminate laws to make a difference – to make the world a better place.  The law writers want to make sure that their individual ideas get stamped on the law.  Legislatures don’t think about how their proposals affect other laws that are in effect.

The result is that everybody has an incentive to make more law. And so the body of law grows.

Important Question:  Who is left out of the situation?  Answer: The ordinary person.  Now laws are supported by more laws, rules, and regulations. The result is that it is easy to break the law.  For instance, it is the law that you must have a front license plate on your car.  Specifically, in California, you can get a ticket for not having it affixed at a certain height and in a specific way.

Listen to Matt’s show and find out how you may be at risk for breaking the law and how most Californians are committing 1-5 misdemeanors a week!

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