BromundHeadshot6In his important new show, Matt Bromund, of the Bromund Law Group talks about the Juvenile Justice System and the challenges faced by families in Juvenile Dependency Court.

“How a society treats its most vulnerable people is a clear test for the morality of a society.”  In Juvenile Dependency Court, both children and parents are vulnerable.

The Two Courts In the Juvenile Justice System:

Juvenile Delinquency Court –  where a minor commits a crime or some kind of misconduct.  Over the last ten years it has improved its ability to sanction minors that commit misconduct in a way that doesn’t set them on a life time of crime.

Juvenile Dependency Court  – This is essentially “Parents’ Court” where parents have allegedly engaged in some kind of abuse or misconduct.  They are in the system to determine whether their child needs to be taken from them for the protection of the child.

The legislature has responded to the general belief that children need to be protected… Juvenile Dependency Court is complex and challenging because is is about who decides what is necessary to protect the child.

That decision has been placed in the hands of social workers, Child Protective Services (CPS).  However CPS hasn’t a good way to determine the truth of a claim!

In Juvenile Dependency Court rules that have been developed in the Courts in evaluating in people’s credibility, i.e., a higher standard of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, get tossed aside.  

In the criminal system, if you can’t prove it, it stays the same.  However in the Juvenile Dependency System, the standard is not the same.  It is up to the Judge – who may take the child away from parents or guardians with the idea of protecting the child  – even if there is no solid proof of abuse.

Matt cannot control what the Judge may do, but he can prepare the parents to understand what they are going into.

How does Matt work in a case in Juvenile Dependency Court?

  • He works hard to understand the facts.
  • As the attorney for the parent, he attempts to get an interview with the child, but that request is often denied by the judge.  There is no disputing that decision.
  • He determines what has happened with the child in the weeks before in order to get to the facts about possible abuse or other reasons for bruises or injuries.

Listen to Matt’s new show for an informative case study that will give you insight on how Matt helps families and how he may help you and/or someone you know!

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