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 Talks About Divorce~

Matt Bromund_show8_border2“Most of the time…” Matt says, “people, prefer their legal issues to be resolved in an efficient manner that allows them to move on with their relationships without feeling that for the rest of their lives that this one case is the moment that decided how happy or unhappy they are ever going to be.”

Matt encourages people to do prenuptial agreements… because divorce doesn’t result from the conduct of one spouse, but results from the unexpressed expectations that the spouses have of each other that end up being unfulfilled  prenuptial Agreements give a couple before they get married, the ability to lay out their plans are for the future and how they want to handle the duties and responsibilities.

Every marriage has to have those agreements!

Listen to Matt’s new show and  get some tips on the new societal norms and rules on divorce.

Be informed now!  You may be shocked to find out how much things have changed!

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Family Law – Ventura Family Lawyer

No one focuses on your family more than the Bromund Law Group.

We are used to looking out for the little guy. In family law and estate planning cases this can be particularly important. At the Bromund Law Group, you have experienced advocates who know how to fight for what’s important.

 Divorce & Marriage Dissolution

Ending a marriage is difficult under any circumstance.  We work diligently to obtain you the most time with your children and the most rational disposition of your property and debts.

Whether it means negotiating custody and visitation or property ownership and sale – we’ve successfully resolved over 600 dissolutions and divorces in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

There are a number of reasons a couple may decide to execute a prenuptial agreement.  No matter your motivation, we’ll treat your case with discretion and respect.

We’ve helped over 300 couples set their marriage up for success with pre-marital arrangements – we’d be happy to serve you, too.

The Bromund Law Group is Ventura County’s premier immigration, family law, and criminal defense firm. They are solutions-focused and dedicated to fighting for your family.

The premier law firm for immigration, family law, and criminal defense in Ventura, California.

The Bromund Law Group is a bilingual firm (Spanish/English) with experience working with military families and devoted to seeing their client’s lives improved as a result of their work.

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