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matt_show16_borderMarriage is the biggest relationship decision many people will make in their lives.

Under California law, in marriage, you are committing to doing two things:

1.  You are committing to acknowledging your spouse as your spouse.  (You are only allowed to have one spouse in the United States.)

2.  You are committing to an agreement to support the other spouse.  The extent  of support is undefined.  But California expects that each spouse agrees to deploy their resources to make sure both are adequately supported.

Once you enter into a marriage in California,  property becomes part of the community.  No one sees the community but it is everywhere and it belongs to the community.

A spouse needs to act as a fiduciary.  (A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons).

As a spouse you need to act as if everything you earn belongs to the community and that you are acting to make your community secure.  You need to act not to hurt your spouse and can’t use your resources to hurt your spouse.  The state assumes that both people are equal owners of the community no matter who earns more.

Prenuptial Agreements Are A Way of Preparing for A Successful Marriage:

The big point Matt wants to make is that people get married, they have expectations of the marriage.  If you want those expectations heard, you need to make a prenuptial agreement.  You can put those expectations in the agreement.

Expectations can include having children, sexual fidelity, financial disclosure, educational paths, and religious preferences.

Prenuptial agreements are a way of preparing for a successful marriage!  Of course, they are also for the division of property in a divorce settlement.

Matt suggests you think of your marriage as if you are thinking of a starting a corporation. A prenuptial agreement is a way of laying out the objectives of the marriage.  Acting like a business entrepreneur, you can state what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it.

Listen to Matt’s show on Marriage and Prenuptial Agreements to find out more details that may help you or someone you know prepare and fight for a successful future.

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