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gavel_borderIn his fascinating show, Matt Bromund, Principal Attorney of the Bromund Law Group, examines the 1st and 5th amendments of the Constitution.

Matt maintains that the 5th amendment, specifically – your right to remain silent –  is one of your most important constitutional rights.

Since the 1950s, “You have the right to remain silent” has a been a stock phrase.  It’s in books, TV shows and the movies.  We the people are very familiar with it – it means “You are under arrest.”

What most of us don’t know, Matt says, is that this right does not only come into play when people are under arrest.  It is ALWAYS important and comes into play when anyone is dealing with the government from a police officer to a dog catcher!

The Founding Fathers knew that the right to remain silent is critical to being a sovereign and free person.  This is because the government has a lot of power.  They can physically take you and hold you, take your land, your property and confiscate your things.  They can put you to work without pay if you are convicted of a crime.  They can even take your life.

We have been brought up to tell the truth and be honest; We find it difficult to NOT say anything.    This can work against us in dealing with the government.

From over a decade of experience, Matt says that, overwhelmingly, the greatest source of evidence used to convict people wrongly of a crime is their own statements!

Listen to this fact-filled, informative show  and find out how to protect yourself and your life.  Learn about your right to remain silent  and how it is essential to preserving your status as a free person.

You have the right to remain silent, but will you have the ability to do so?  Ask Matt Bromund.  He is there to help. Call the Bromund Law Group  (805) 650-1100. 

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