Matt Bromund, Principal Attorney of the Bromund Law Group, talks about how to be prepared for the new entrepreneurial society of the 21st century.

MattBromundshow9_borderHis success, Matt says, relates to learning valuable entrepreneurial skills.  He elucidates how these skills are now an economic necessity for all of us.

Matt started private practice 11 years ago with a desk – he now has a team of four Associate Attorneys and a group of professionals that helps the entire team be successful.

He goes on to say how our educational system still does not prepare young people for our current situation. A 21 year old “needs to be able to look at a situation and see an opportunity, to think creatively, to solve a problem, to bring people together and make a team.”

Matt provides a solution:  “We need to do in the 21st century what we did in the 19th century.  We need to look at our economy and see what is needed, and we need to be prepared to dispense with the structure we have in order to build a structure that fits what we need.”

He elaborates:  The educational system needs to include communication, multilingualism, and computer literacy.

So, how do we get started with this?

Listen to Matt’s great new show and find out how he and his team at the Bromund Law Group, advocates for people in the 21st century, are working to provide viable, creative, and educational opportunities for people in the Ventura Community.

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