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In his timely show, Matt Bromund examines how the law relates to race and racial identification and how that affects us.

The truth about race is there is a singularly tiny amount of genetic contribution to racial identity.  Racial identity is actually based on how we look.

Race in America has to do with social identification placed on people by the society.  Racial identity is a social construct!

Matt relates how he, a Millennial,  has never lived in a time where race is discriminatory in the law. Though, of course, this social construct affects how the law sees people in practice.  In criminal law, the most likely person to be incarcerated is and African-American male and the person most likely to escape conviction is a white female.

Courts make assumptions – different races are perceived differently.  This includes  Criminal, Family and Immigration Courts of Law.

For example, let’s look at the recent incident in Charlottesville. Matt maintains that if the men carrying the torches had been Black men, the police would have been more aggressive because of their perception of men and particularly Black men.

Matt: “Race influences our expectations the most in our society.” 

Matt wants his listeners to examine their expectations.  Do you judge people on how they look?  How can you unpack these expectations and view your fellow humans with more clarity?

Matt and the Bromund Law Group are proud to represent people on an individual basis, case by case.

Listen to Matt’s show for the fascinating history of law, racial identity, and how that affects our perceptions.

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