Matt Bromund_flag_borderMatt Bromund, Principal Attorney of the Bromund Law Group is highly educated with a number of diplomas. Despite this, he claims that his personal experience as an attorney better equips him to practice law today!

The “stuff” of law school is buying casebooks… the assumption after law school is that Matt was prepared to work in law.  However, as soon as he began practicing law, the books went on the shelf and were not opened again.  In practicing law, Matt says, the experience matters more.

Law During The Last 50 Years ~ Baby Boomers and Generation X:

If a client comes into his office today in 2017, they don’t care about what happened in 1968 case law – they want to know how their case – their life – is going to play out now.   Matt’s experience has taught him that understanding people, the human experience, and the unique stress of living in 21st century America, is more valuable than his books.

“In order to succeed in the future world, one needs hindsight, clear observational skills right now, and a dedicated focus on seeing ahead (the ability of foresight.)”

Matt, 43, calls his generation, (Generation X)  the “cynical Gen X’s.” They have watched their “overwhelmingly optimistic” Baby Boom parents incur massive debt and exhibit the inability to speak about life challenges.


Today, technology and globalization have reinforced that people today must work like hell to reinvent themselves today.  Millennials feel this but the knowledge has not quite crystallized into understanding.   Today – Your future is up to you – it’s an entrepreneurial world.  Only security you have are your skills and your relationships!  Your livelihood is what to do – opportunities are what you create!

As a mentor of young adults, a cynical Gen-Xer, and a practiced attorney, Matt talks about this every day.

With his practice of immigration, criminal, and family law, Matt sees what has come before, understands what is happening now.   With foresight, he is dedicated to helping people fight for their future. Listen to Matt Bromund’s new show and find out more about the Bromund Law Group  – dedicated to helping the Ventura County community.

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