Science By Number with Jes and Jen is now officially up and running! Jen and I introduce ourselves and the show. The core goal behind this project is to bring clarity to fascinating concepts in current science and physics by interviewing an incredible range of professionals from fields in theoretical particle physics to neuroscience to–yes, we will even address consciousness, but in a healthy helping. Though we are both physics students (Jen is grad student while I am an undergrad) we will address our different points of view and perspectives and often turn out to be not too different.

We hope throughout the course of this show to find fun and relevant ways of breaking down complex ideas in science without watering them down to a “cheat” level. Feynman often explained that he had to make sure he wasn’t cheating his audience by using a cheap explanation. Well, Jen and I are going to try and carry that torch. As we introduce different topics we will also be building a forum on facebook to provide materials and resources for those curious to follow up and dig deeper! Topics will range anywhere from common misinterpretations of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to the current activity at the Large Hadron Collider and when it’s time to get excited about new particles.

You can reach either Jenny or I on Facebook through private message for further questions and as we get the blog rolling, we will also announce when it’s live.

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