do you have the right password?

Paddy Ruzella   How do I remove My Way from Google Chrome? Step by step info. needed. Thanks

Sue Nethercott   I’ve a friend in Oklahoma who, every now and then, keeps getting “page cannot be displayed” for nearly every site although she seems to have a connection. She can get to google, but that is probably cached. She often gets kicked off at roughly the same time each day.

Craig Ladd   Android smartphone, for some reason Firefox is slower than Chrome – you discussed about it being quicker

News Item:  On the heels of a multitude of security patches last Tuesday, Adobe has issued security patches to both Flash and Acrobat Reader.

News Item:   Many or most color laser printers print secret microdots that can be seen under magnification.  The codes tell the date of printing and the MAC address of the printer.

News Item:   Bill Burr, the author of an influential guide to computer passwords says he now regrets several of the tips he gave.