Google Extensions

John Weigle   I’m finding myself surrounded with cables. What are your thoughts on wireless keyboards and mice for a cluttered condo?

Tony Pizza   At one of the meetings Toby suggested what download sites to use, and not use. I checked my notes, and they are inscrutable. Possibly CNET was ok? What about FossHub?

Roger Houston   Question #1 for Office 365. Will Office 365, Outlook be able to download and install my Contacts and Calendar from iCloud?  I am ready to consider buying Office 365 Home for syncing across platforms [without iCloud] and for the 1TB x 5 cloud it offers.

Roger Houston   Question #2: Are there any other reliable and easy to use solutions or apps, without breaking the bank?

Bill Hinds   How do I close a briefcase in Windows 10? The briefcases are left over from Windows XP.

Lisa Toth   What do you think about pushbullet?

News Item:   Eight Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Deliver Malicious Code to 4.8 Million Users