Toby at the CIPCUG

Toby at the CIPCUG

Jerry Crocker: A question about: file history; file history took over my drive and filled it up! When did this get turned on?

Sue Nethercott: What are the main causes of a computer becoming slower and slower over time? And is the software that is supposed to cure it any good?

Craig Ladd:  Will Android become dominant OS eventually?

Sue Nethercott: I tried changing the setting, and it made no difference – still 5 out of sequence tweets at the top. Which is odd, since articles like…/twitter-non-chronological… said it would – at least for your timeline. Maybe searches are different.

Sue Nethercott: Amazon has just launched a British version of Echo. Is it any good? What privacy concerns are there?

Sue Nethercott:  Millions’ of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack.

Please see link for more information but they are having a devil of a time with this right now!

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens


Success Story!

Roger Houston:  Just after our August CIPCUG meeting and warnings about opening attachments or clicking on linkages, I reviewed an email sent to my spouse. She responded to some form of advertisement, maybe on Facebook, for FREE Moisturizer & Eye Serum. Just gave them her credit card # to pay S/H of $4.95. We quickly received a short email back to “Confirm Order” that included an Attachment named: Puchasing098712345323.tar.xz

I promptly scanned it with my Bitdefender Total Security product. This gave a popup: “Threats were found” Trojan.GenericKD.3476327. I isolated it, and will shortly shred it. I am super happy and lucky I decided to follow the club’s advice. The credit card immediately had two small charges instead of one. I promptly called the Visa company and had this card and number replaced! >> Follow good advice!


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