Google AI aka Duplex

Tony Pizza   I have an Asus that I tell to hibernate, but wakes up with a keypress. If I turn the power strip off, when I turn it back on, it doesn’t reboot, comes back from hibernate status.

Michael Megowan   I have an ASUS computer that turns itself back on after I have turned it off, watched it shutdown and walked away. The only way that I can get it to stay off is to hold the power button to force a shutdown.

Is there some setting that I can change to fix this?

Roger Houston   Does Black Friday sales include good cellphone sales? Should I wait? I am looking for a replacement for my old Samsung G-S5 smart phone. I want at least 64 GB. Any suggestions? I like Verizon for coverage, but can consider others if coverage is as good. I am looking at a Samsung G-S9 at Costco, sale over on Thursday 24 May [only here is my trade-in worth $200 on a 24 month schedule].

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