U.S. rules police need warrant now for cell

Fred Krueger   From time to time my screen will go black for 2 to 3 seconds and come back. What is causing this? this can happen anyplace in firefox

Craig Ladd    I went to settings to switch Wi-Fi on bus, I noticed that it was picking up every hotspot as we passed it on freeway – does this use up battery power ?

Fred Krueger   On my Yahoo Mail in Firefox, there is a border on the right for ads and on the dividing line is an arrow to expand the view and get rid of the border. when you click on the arrow and expand the view a pop-up appears wanting $3 plus to let you have this space. How do you get rid of this annoyance?

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News Item:   US Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrant to Track Cell Phone Location

News Item:   The UK’s tax agency has collected the voice records of over 5.1 million Brits