The new Petro currency

Andy Toth   Interesting email problem. whenever my wife sends a pdf attachment using WindowsLive from one account, it is received as a list of openable files and emails — but you can’t open them.  If the file is sent from a different account it comes through fine.  I am using Thunderbird and I have no problem sending her pdf attachments.  Both of us use the same email server. Why would a pdf attachment be corrupted from only one sender?

News Item:   Number of Third-Party Cookies on EU News Sites Dropped by 22% Post-GDPR

News Item:   Gmail now lets you send self-destructing ‘confidential mode’ emails from your phone

News Item:   Mozilla has wiped 23 extensions from its directory of Firefox browser add-ons

News Item:   Microsoft delivers promised end- to-end Skype encryption option

News Item:   Venezuela has just attempted to stabilize its currency, the bolivar, which was recently devalued by removing 5 digits from the new currency.  So, now they are linking it to a cryptocurrency they created earlier this year.