Microsoft updates Sticky Notes

Andy Toth   I logged onto my Win10 computer local account. OneDrive account is setup to automatically log in. I copied one file to the documents folder on OneDrive. This is the only file on/in OneDrive. I edited the file on my local drive. The changes were not reflected in the file on OneDrive.

Fred Krueger   Looking at updating Brother MFC firmware I find under Devices and Printers that I have near 200 listed. Most of them are the name of my computer and or my router. What is going on here?

Lisa Toth   SCAM ALERT: Local residents receiving calls from 805-233-7560, supposedly the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, but this is not a VCSO number

News Item:   Bitdefender Disables Anti-Exploit Monitoring in Chrome After Google Policy Change

News Item:   The World Bank has launched the first bond on a blockchain with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

News Item:   Microsoft to give Sticky Notes a major facelift as part of its tasks push