Toby on Yahoo Hack

Toby on Yahoo Hack

Jerry Schrum:  Follow-up question re: today’s discussion about Yahoo. So if I changed my pw, disabled the “security questions,” & set up 2-step verification, but still use the same Yahoo email address to receive notices from Facebook, does that make me vulnerable to issues related to Yahoo hack?

Michael Megowan:  Why have all of my Win 7 desktop icons acquired overlays of the generic file icon? And how do I undo this?

Lisa Toth:  Sometimes when I open Windows Live mail, I find a series of messages 8 or so, which I previously deleted that still somewhat show up..

. The subject and sender is on the left as if the message exists. These are all messages that I had deleted in the last session.

Michael Megowan:  I am trying to connect my Win 7 computer to my wife’s iMac over the home network and can’t figure out how to set up the login credentials on the iMac. I can see the iMac in my Explorer just fine, but I can’t get past the login request from the Mac.

Jerry Crocker: My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exchanged to day 🙂 (Friday the 23rd)

K Edward Lynch: so how does a hacker access and “take control” of a computer on the internet??…

K Edward Lynch:  can a hacker access the webcam on a computer that has been disconnected from the network?

Tony Pizza: How secure is the Opera browser now that it is owned by Chinese?

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