K Edward Lynch  Transfer of ICANN … good or bad???tobyhandup2


Jerry Crocker Is anyone else having issues with Mozilla thunderbird ?


Lisa Toth  My computer is full of extraneous stuff that I would like to get rid of. Duplicate files and pics. Stuff that has no meaning to me today. Is there an easy way to clean up my computer? I know I could go through file by file and delete stuff but I am wondering if there is a faster way.


Craig Ladd maybe you can use PC Decrapifier


Andy Toth  I updated my machine to the 1607 version of Win10. Afterwards my battery monitor and other acer supplied SWn and folders were deleted (no longer in programs or startup) and not viewable in the installed programs or all programs listing. When I attempted to find my previouisly installed battery program, I was directed to the App Store.


Craig Ladd  been trying to get “NOTES” back on timeline on Facebook, having no success


On the Facebook Page there has been a lively discussion of software.  Here are some of the programs listed in articles posted and Toby’s comments:


Thunderbird / Lightning


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