From Saturday’s meeting:  What do we know about the Denial ofweigle Service attack on Friday that took down Twitter, PayPal, Spotify, Amazon Web Services and other Internet providers for a short period of time?


Bill Wishon:   Why does router lose Wi-Fi password?   I have a Buffalo Nfinity High Power Air Station WHR-HP-G300N


Bill Wishon:  How to connect to strongest WiFi signal?  I have two routers in the house and want my phone or tablet to connect to the strongest signal when I move around the house


Michael Megowan:  At Saturday’s meeting we discussed the problem with Firefox and SSD drives.  How do I compute the length of time between saves?


Bill Wishon:  Based on the SSD use problem discussed at today’s meeting, I went into Chrome and looked for the backup time for the tabs.  Couldn’t find it, so  I did some research on how to relocate the Chrome data on Windows 7


Tony Pizza:  I asked last week about delaying the Anniversary Update, but your solution only works on Pro and Enterprise.  How can I delay the Anniversary Update with Windows 10 Home?