Amazon buys Whole Foods

Lisa Toth:   I’m having problems replying to emails. Sometimes the receiver actually got the message but they get it multiple times and I get multiple “message returned” messages.  I am using Windows Live on my windows 10 laptop.

Rosalie Sherbrooke:   Is anyone else having a problem with LastPass today? It will not load in Chrome and when I got it to work in Edge and ‘launched’ one of my sites, it just took me there, without logging me in. Their icons, on the right of the login/password bars, were not there.

News Item:  Before you use an ATM machine, turn on bluetooth on your phone.  If you see a long computer name trying to connect, don’t use the machine.

News Item:   Why a dumb phone is a smart phone

News Item:  What is behind the Amazon / Whole Food merger and the Google / Walmart tie-up?