iphone battery fix

Roger Houston   Does Onedrive photos and docs still reside somewhere on my PC? And secondly, I WANT to store or move ALL of my docs to Onedrive so I can see/modify them from another computer, is this a good idea? I know they are in the cloud also. But are all my items synced or just stored?

Roger Houston   Same for G-photos [or Sony photos]. are they synced [deleted in the cloud if I delete them on my PC], or are they just copied and remain there forever? I am not sure if this is the better way to back up my photos [with a 5MB limit per]

Lisa Toth   Since the last update of Firefox my TinyUrl add on has been disabled. Any options?

K Edward Lynch   Are there any affordable software products that actually recover lost data when a HD goes dark???

Andy Toth   I enjoyed the presentation on preparing your data for a total disaster. Office 365 looks promising.  My biggest concern is the licensing for nonprofits.  If we have to lease Office 365, we can’t afford $100+ a month. I guess we should start the move to Libre Office.

Lisa Toth   Tell us more about the fall creators update. What’s broken what’s better.

News Item:  Drivesavers fights data loss from Southern California fires with free data recovery

News Item:  Apple reduces speed of iPhones as batteries wear out, report suggests