Janet van Duinwyk   Three weeks ago my HP 8710 printer was happily printing my reports and then it abruptly stopped.  I tried rebooting but that didn’t help.  2 days ago I turned on my computer and my printer started spitting out reports.  What happened and how do I fix it if it happens again?

Andy Toth   When my windows phone’s battery gets critically low, the phone beeps periodically. I turn the phone off but it turns itself on after a period of time to inform me the battery is critically low.

John Weigle   In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, clicking on a mailto link takes me to a Google search page rather than opening my email program (Thunderbird).  How do I select my default program for email?

Andy Toth   I downloaded and installed opera. I’ve been using edge browser. How do I get opera to install my edge favorites?

Lisa Toth   In Facebook, sometimes when a person shares something the post does not have a share button. Why is that?

Lisa Toth   When I sent something to OneNote I am offered options as to where to put it. However, once I click on a folder, I have to choose a page in the folder. Am I missing how to add a page to place the new info?

Lisa Toth   Sometimes The material I want to add to one note is several pages long. If I want to move those pages to another one note page can I select all of the pages I want to move?

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