Consulting Toby at CIPCUG

K. Edward Lynch: Does turning off the network connection prevent access to a PC? Does turning off the NIC card mean more protection? Can a hacker access a PC and turn on a Webcam when the Internet connection is turned off?

Dr. Bunny Vreeland: Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts for promoting Terrorism. What is THAT all about?

Andy Toth: Is there something different in Win10? I need to do a major drive reallocation on my hard drive. The Data drive partition only has 242 MB remaining. I was backing up (copying) the favorites folder but none of the HTTPS addresses copied over.  Win10 kept popping up with some security setting requiring Administrator privilege but would not recognize that I was logged in as administrator and would not copy the files over. I had to skip them to continue.

Tony Pizza: Have you received the anniversary update for Win 10, and if so, your comment?

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo: Explain Laptops, and airflow and the overheating issue. I had trouble figuring out what was happening until I was asked:  “Where do you sit when you use your laptop?”

Michael Megowan: I am having difficulty networking (for file sharing purposes) my wife’s iMac with my Windows 7 computer. We have an Airport Extreme router/Time Machine that lets me see the iMac, but I get asked to sign in with a password and I don’t know how to set that up.

Craig Ladd: Is a chrome book adequate for most people?

Craig Ladd: I use is for searches instead of – are there other search engines that are just as reliable & effective ?

Sue Nethercott: I’m on the road in an RV, and the camp site/supplier says that any problems connecting are due to it acting like a Faraday cage, and we should step outside for better connection. Got any better ideas?

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