Lisa Toth   I am wondering about VLC.  Is it any good?

Tony Pizza   I’ve had a fair number of popup warnings on my PC that it’s seriously infected and to do something about it. I don’t even click on the X to close it; I use Alt-F4 to close the window. Tonight, while looking at something on Facebook, for the first time, I got one of those on my Android phone. Turned the phone off.

Fred Krueger   Why is it difficult to open back up files and see what is there? was trying to look for something I deleted that may have made it into the monthly backup.

Fred Krueger   Doesn’t it seem a little strange that after the Equifax debacle that the other credit rating companies are asking for the very information that was exposed in order to run a check for you.  they more than likely already have the information and want to verify they have info on the correct person. looks like more intrusion into your life to me.

News Item:   The price of Bitcoin was manipulated last year.

News Item:   Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 7, 8, & Older Apps in the Microsoft Forums

News Item:   Microsoft Office is getting a facelift. Among other new items is an icon to “Reply by IM”

News Item:   After 20 years of Salesforce, what Marc Benioff got right and wrong about the cloud