Windows 10 free upgrade expires 7/29, which means were are in the last 10 days of the countdown.  After the 29th you will have to purchase Windows 10 if you decide you want it.  Ventura County Computers has a page that shows you how to reserve your page by installing Windows 10 and then rolling back to Windows 7.  On the right column, under Recent Articles, it’s “Reserve Windows 10”.  If you are sure you don’t want it: Never10.

Toby Scott at the Q&A

This week’s following questions:

Zoe Murdock:  Hey, Toby. Microsoft has been trying to install Windows 10 on my computer for months. Every four or five days I have to reschedule. It’s not that I’m not going to do it, eventually, it’s just that I’m wondering how much it’s going to mess up my older application programs such as Word  and Photoshop. I mean, I’m in the middle of a book project. I can’t have my programs start NOT working. The question is, do I need to be worried?

Jerry Crocker: Facebook Live and Facebook Mentions…Do we need a SIG on that?


Andy Toth: I wish uninstall the Movies&TV app. What permissions do I need to uninstall it? I am sure I will find others as I try to uninstall them.

Andy Toth: Win10. Media player appears as a option in the right click menu for playing media but does not appear in the APPS dropdown. What do I need to do to add it?

Andy Toth: After upgrading from Win7 to Win10, the device manager shows that both video cards on my computer are working. The upgrade to Win10 made the Intel graphics video card the major one. What is the best way to enable the NVIDIA graphics card and disable the Intel Graphics with killing the display/computer?

Andy Toth: I have a laptop that was upgraded from Win7 to Win10. After the install I was able to play DVDs and plug in my IPOD and hear music from the laptop speakers. After installing WINAMP I can play music through WINAMP but When I put in a DVD or plug in my IPOD I can no longer Hear sound from either of those devices through the computers speakers. The mixer only allows me, to control system sounds, Internet Explorer and Thunderbird. The playback device dialogue shows that the line is active and a signal is being seen by the sw in the computer. What do you recommend to reclaim all the properties of the mixer.

Kimberly Yates: What is the best web browser to use and if its Firefox, does it slow the browser down when you use the decorative banners at the tops?

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