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surveillance device.  

Toby Scott discusses the stingray concerns in this week’s 5th installment of Q&A with CIPCUG!

But first…This week’s questions are in order:

K. Edward Lynch: I have a folder full 38Gb of music video, 2 years of work, all the files look fine but can’t open any of them. I Tried various software but nothing… this happened after my upgrade to Windows 10. I lost two other hard drives but was able to recover files on those so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lisa Toth:  Re Windows Live Mail:  When I have checked all my mail, it will still say I have some left, sometimes as many as 18 or 20. To see if this is true, I click on another inbox. If it is not true, the number disappears. Why is it showing I have mail when I don’t?

Sandra Denise:  If my computer is running slow does that mean that I need more memory or could I possibly have a virus?

Hazel Palache:  I would really like to know, with so many social media sites now, which one is best for business promotion and is it necessary to use snap chat in business, I get conflicting opinions on this. Thanks


Andy Toth:  Interesting thing happened while was using the MediaCoder wizard to set up MediaCoder for my use in Win 10. Edge was the default browser. The following popped up. Every trick I knew to close the browser failed. It locked the machine. Finally Power Off. I changed the default browser to IE and the wizard ran fine. I then converted back to Edge and the same thing happened. Anyone see this before?


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