New Amazon Key delivers to garage

Fred Krueger   How do I import contacts to Vivaldi e-mail, I am having some difficulty.

Andy Toth   I’ve installed Office 365 on four win10 Home computers. Files I move to the OneDrive quick access or OneDrive folder now exist in the others and are synced automatically.  Except for the quick access, no OneDrive folder in the local folder system was created. If I copy a file to OneDrive folder quick access I have to right click the file on the local drive and select keep local and sync. If I unlink this PC, the OneDrive the quick access folder is removed and I have to reinstall to get it back.

News Item:   Microsoft Pulls Office 2010 January 2019 Updates After Excel Blunder.

News Item:   AT&T, Dish, Comcast all raising cable TV rates to counter cord-cutting.

News Item:   Amazon will soon offer to deliver packages to your garage so they don’t get stolen.