Bill Hinds    How do I uninstall Wondershare and True Key completely? Botltoth1h say I can’t uninstall because they are running, but nothing is running except File Explorer (Windows 10).

Sue Nethercott  I’m using Chrome, and just recently when I right click a link to save a file, the window that pops up is full size, and will not let me shrink it, which is a nuisance if I want to copy something from the page I am looking at to use as a meaningful file name. How can I get it to behave again?

Andy Toth   I set up Yahoo phone authentication. I logged in and changed my password and logged out. I logged in again with my new password and set up the authentication and received a text message, entered the code and was logged in. I Logged out. The next time I logged in was from a reformatted/reinstalled device. The device was not recognized so I was asked if I wanted a text or phone message. I clicked text.  I’ve tried this a half dozen times or more and when I asked to resend I get it cannot be done at this time. I’ve been locked out of my account with no way to correct.

Bunny Vreeland   What is MiFi? How is it used?

Craig Ladd   Zoolz offers lifetime 1 TB of data storage for $39

K Edward Lynch if a wireless network connection is turned off, can a hacker bypass or activate the card to hack a computer?

Bunny Vreeland   Will you tell us about the latest with the Chrome 54 (youtube-flash-embed-rewriting-to-html5?)

Toby Scott  I posted a comment by computer columnist, Woody Leonhard, that it might be a good idea to postpone the Anniversary Update of Windows 10.