Lisa Toth   Two displays: display #2 is not fully filled. There is about 3″ of black space on each side.  Also there is a selection in display settings for “extend these displays”. What does that mean?

Lisa Toth   Some sites I like to visit are “unavailable right now.”  Anyone having that issue?

Fred Krueger   I did not know the purpose of the extra copies of the TOE were for spreading the word about DIPSUG until reading the article by Bob Dinsmore.

News Item:  IRS extends the tax deadline until July 15

News Item:  US Health and Human Services targeted by DDoS

News Item:  Online face mask sales scams, 400% uptick of coronavirus phishing reports

News Item:  Emergency Surveillance During COVID-19 Crisis

News Item:  Coronavirus makes Money Mule more money mules

News Item:  Apple Donates Millions of Masks to Healthcare Pros in America and Europe

News Item:  CDC Launches Coronavirus Self-Checker Chatbot With the Help of Microsoft

News Item:  ‘Netflix Party’: a New Chrome Extension Adds Chat Panes to Movies

News Item:  Check out for help with boredom