Lisa Toth   I have a new kindle. It doesn’t have usb ports. It does have a micro sd card. I would like to load a couple of PDF

eBooks to it that I did not get from amazon.  These books are currently on my Surface.  In the same vein, I have CD’s I’d like to play on my Surface but it does not have ports for CD or DVD.  Can I get an external player to plug into my hub? If so what do you recommend?

Fred Krueger    I have found that I need a separate login and password for 5g and 2g. Why is that?

Fred Krueger   I get a lot of advertising e-mails from a site called Flip sweet. I scrolled down to bottom of the page and see it is from a site in Bucharest, Romania. Do by any chance know anything about this site.

Harry Altman   I turn on my laptop and Microsoft Teams pop up. How do I delete Microsoft Teams pop up?

Tony Pizza   I used Zoom for a meeting. After the meeting, in my email I had one with an attached mp4 video (from a trusted source). When I opened with TWINUI, had sound, no video. Tried another mp4, same thing. Tried Windows Media Player, same thing. Opened Zoom, turned off video, closed Zoom, no change. Did a restart and all was well. Just a glitch, or is it to be expected? Have others seen this?

Fred Krueger   How do I keep my e-mail page from going to the bottom of the list when I delete 8 or 10 e-mails at once?

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