Fred Krueger   Add blocker has gotten more aggressive and is messing up entire web page. Toby is correct, everyone will have to start paying for what they want to access on the web. What does Cipsug charge for mail service?

Lisa Toth   I keep getting posts of videos and links on messenger that look like they are coming from someone I know. Not the same person every time.   I am reluctant to follow the links or click on the videos.

Fred Krueger   I have been seeing a promotion for the Android super box, looks real good but

HAS A PRICE TAG OF $299. Does anyone have any knowledge of this item?

Lisa Toth   I have a very hard time with headphones, do to TMJ. The earpiece sitting around my ear makes the joint hurt. Even very soft ear covering sets hurt eventually.   I have tried ear buds but not expensive ones.

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