Andy Toth   I have migrated to a new computer and will be wiping the previous laptop hard drive and reinstalling win10 Home. OneDrive on previous computer is set up to keep copies of the OneDrive files on the hard drive. I login in with a local account on that computer.  The only option given to me on the new laptop was to login in with my Microsoft account.

I believe that in order to wipe the old laptop is to break the link with OneDrive. If I log out of my one drive account from the old laptop will I also be logged out on the new laptop? Is the Microsoft account login specific to a specific computer. logging out of one computer will keep me logged in on the other?

Fred Krueger   Using Firefox I have been trying to log into Amazon Prime and found out Firefox is blocking Amazon video? I can still use Firefox to order things on amazon but not watch video. Had to go to Edge and Prime video works there.

Fred Krueger   You can do almost anything from your phone. Why is there not an app that can marry your phone to your car so you can lock, unlock, start and stop the engine, disable the car, etc. the car would not operate without the phone. I think this would be a good idea with the uptick in vehicle thefts.

Andy Toth   I recently migrated to another laptop running windows home 1909. The major difference between the two computers are larger amount of RAM and an i7 processor. I went to partition the 500GB drive and discovered that there was only 305GB of space available. The previous computer with the same SW installed had almost 400GB free space. I am using the installed windows partition application. Any idea why so much more space is used on the hard drive?

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