Lisa Toth   I have a Surface Pro with windows 10, 1903.  It is so slow to load pages. It is like having an old win version.

Andy Toth   I am installing Oracle’s VirtualBox on a windows 10 computer to have a version of winXP available. When I am creating the virtual winXP machine in VirtualBox, I get the message “The hardware virtualization is enabled in the Acceleration section of the System Page although it is not supported by the host system. It should be disabled to start the Virtual system.” How do I locate this System Page?

The Desktop in question is a HP P7-1007PC. It was a Win7 computer upgraded to win10. the onboard NVIDIA graphics chip is powered by the win10 drivers and the OEM drivers that were part of the purchased desktop. The only setting I can seem to access is the resolution.

Fred Krueger   An update on my prime video problem, I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled. You tube is now working fine, Prime video still not working, went to help and disabled add-ons and prime is working even with VPN enabled.

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