Michael Megowan   My brother lives in a condo where his new Ring doorbell which is 1 story down cannot connect to his router.  He got one range extender that didn’t work and is returning it.  He also has a garage door controller that is Wi-Fi enabled and is two stories down from his router and at the opposite end of his unit.  What type/brand of range extender will solve his connectivity problems?

Lisa Toth   There are several rebate and coupon apps available.  I’m reluctant to download any of them.  Just got one from Capitol One, we have a credit card through them.  They are calling their app ‘wikibuy’.  It is a coupon finder.  Any reservations about these programs?

Fred Krueger   I go to an online ordering site approximately every 14 days and just recently I am unable to get to the company’s webpage.  This happens in the search bar and the address bar.  After a restart and was able to go the website.  I tried this again just prior to sending this question and the same thing, had to do a restart.  I am curious as to why this may be happening.

Andy Toth   I can find appropriate video cards but they are PCI  Express 2.0. How can I determine the PCI Express version on the desktop computer?

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