Roger Houston   I have a problem with too many Document folders. Besides the OneDrive Doc folder, I still have TWO other Doc folders that are not the same!!! One is “This PC\Documents”. The other is “This PC\OS(C:)\Users\rogem_000\Documents” or changed

later to “—\Documents This PC”.  I thought that This PC\Docs and User\rogem_000\Docs were the same. Apparently NOT. Why??

Lisa Toth   Some time ago you answered a question I had about the beeps and boops my phone makes. So now if I get one of those and it is not a message or missed call I swipe down from the top to see what it might be.  So…. my question is: is there possibly a setting to stop the ‘alerts’? Or, do I need to go to the website of each one and find out how to opt out of alerts?

Tony Pizza   Is it true that if you format a Win 10 HDD, and install a fresh copy of Win 10, the activation code is still good with Microsoft?

Lisa Toth   I have the Surface Pro 7. I also have a second display that I use exclusively when in our office. Haven’t been using the surface display.  I have a vision problem and set things up so I can easily use the computer.  My problem is, I can’t use the surface pro

when it is not hooked up to the second computer because if I change the settings directly on the surface, it messes up my second display.

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