K Edward Lynch   Tell us why the quantum computer is a big deal.

Quantum Computer


Craig Ladd   LastPass Sentry Alert – Hello, [email address]: Here’s your data compromise report. If you didn’t request this report, your email may be associated with a site in someone else’s LastPass vault. We send a report when your email is associated with a website that may have been involved in a security breach. We suggest changing your password for each listed site.

Sue Nethercott   After a recent power cut, Microsoft Chrome stopped working. Either pages take minutes to load, do not load at all, or I keep getting the message, “Page not responding”.  I tried resetting it and then reinstalling it without success. Then I installed Microsoft Edge and it was the same.  Microsoft Chrome remembers lots of things (autofill, passwords, cookie preferences etc), will translate pages for me without needing an add-in, and I need 2 browsers to keep my different roles separate. How do I get it to work again?

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