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Jerry Crocker Microsoft Office 365… Is that a good deal for $99 dollars a year?

I needed more cloud storage πŸ™ so I got Office 365

Jerry Crocker Is the desk top computer holding its own against laptop/tablets? My smart phone is able to do so much – that I use it more and more.

Lisa Toth  I need to set up a calendar that Andy and I can both access to check before making commitments. With me on the Grand Jury, we now need to coordinate.  If it could happen on our phones (windows) that would be even better.

Michael Megowan  I have a copy of Win 7 pro on a CD that I got from Microsoft when I was a student. Can I use it on a new computer build?

Michael Megowan  If I change the Hard drive(s) on my computer, will I have to buy a new copy of Win 10? Same question for video card. Same question for RAM, CPU or motherboard. I have a good backup of my system using windows backup.

In other words, what is the criteria for a change that requires a new copy of Windows?

Sandra Gelso   When my windows 7 computer would freeze, I could hit control-alt-delete. Task manager would come up, I hit end task, the problem progam would close. Windows 10 isn’t working that way.  When I hit control- alt-delete, what do I do when the box comes up? Now I just shut the computer down.


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