Quantum Camp for Kids

Quantum Camp for Kids

Jenny is volunteer demo-ing her quantum activity book for kids and helping introduce kids to quantum concepts.  Science By Number will be providing resources for communities interested in teaching Quantum Mechanics to children.  We will devise a template for instruction and how to organize experiments and activities and what it all means.

She needs to purchase plasma balls, diffraction gratings, and activity materials for both events.

The projected budget costs for Quantum Camp for Kids from Jen’s youcaring profile:

Estimated costs:
– diffraction grating : $15
– plasma balls : $40 (smaller balls x 2) to $100 (larger balls x1 + smaller balls x3)
– toys for entanglement exercise: $10 minimum – $40
– character puppets for activity $30
– poster board and materials for spectrographs $10
– printing costs for handouts: $15 per event

– miscellaneous demo materials / electronic devices: $30 (minimum) to $150

– pizza for kid volunteers at events $20 per event
Above and Beyond the Goal:
– Cymatic kit for explaining standing waves ($50 to $200)
– Phone app for other quantum adventurers ($100 to register app on Iphone)
Total: $150 minimum to $500 (best). We will make use of whatever we get to make the experience better and more fun.
Additionally we will work on a wireless entanglement demo for future events and get enough materials to have more events at day care centers and schools around the Lawrence area through the fall. I also can make sure each participant get gets an item to take home.
Purchases will be made where possible locally at shops in downtown Lawrence, so you will be supporting not just Quantum Physics for Kids, but the local LFK economy.

Contact Jen via her facebook page for questions or if you have ideas or if you want to help out:


Jen’s You Caring Profile to help by donating