Let’s join Buzz and Rev. Lynn Chaplain-Noe as they meet with this week’s guest artist, Mary-Gail King, who has been in her current art studio location in Camarillo, CA for 7 years. Mary-Gail works with gemstones in her healing practice in addition to many different art modalities, offering a complete choice of options for her art students.

As an art instructor, Mary-Gail brings her students support and guidance as she leads them to her own brand of mindfulness and spirituality. She describes her intention as ‘bringing her students to the path of letting go of their expectations”. She reminds us that it is good to slow down and breathe and invites us to practice breathing with her.

Rev. Lynn acknowledges the importance of controlling your breathing and uses it in her coaching practice, as well. Buzz reminds us that our Sassy friends are about bringing us back to our emotional well-being.

Mary-Gail enjoys working with creatives from other fields and has facilitated major projects with Studio Channel Islands, New West Symphony, the Rubicon Theatre, the Santa Paula Art Museum and more. Wherever there is music, dance, color and fantasy you’ll find her!

She is an Artist in Residence at Studio Channel Islands, studied art and interior design at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC and has a BA in Communication Arts and Marketing from the University of South Alabama. She has painted along the Central and Southern California Coast since 2001 and she is also included in both corporate and private collections in North America and throughout the world.


View some of her cards here: Stanley Cards


Contact info: Mary-Gail King

Web site: Mary-Gail King

Studio address: 2222 Ventura Blvd. Studio R1, Camarillo, CA 93010




Upcoming Events: 

Presents: Synergy

September 12 – October 11

Opening reception is September 14


Mindful Painting Classes

Every Wednesday Night from 6:30-9:00 PM

Register here: Mary-Gail’s Camarillo Studio 


About Lynn Chaplin-Noe and Buzz Noe:

Lynn Chaplin-Noe, Broadway Veteran, Speaker and Story Teller, Minister, Producer, Writer and TRANSITIONAL COACH is dedicated to helping Seniors, Elders, and Sages, to navigate through a potentially ageist culture and find inspiration.

Her husband Buzz Noe, is a spiritual Practitioner, business owner, producer, writer and beloved local personality. The two of them partner up to provide every opportunity for Seniors to experience a renaissance of their own, to reinvent their lives, to fall in love with their lives again and find purpose. The result is SASSY SENIORS!

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