11705507_10153570477819574_2413192033013411831_oSabine Hossenfelder takes Science By Number on the tour of Quantum Gravity Phenomenology – in other words – there are theorists who just do math, then there are theorists who specifically apply the math  – or extend these theories to something we could actually observe in a lab.  This is where an interesting realm that is rarely talked about exists…I call it the theoretical experimentalists.

What it really is, is the natural and recently less mentioned right hand of physics – experiment…how do we devise a method to test these theories. This is what Sabine is after in terms of Quantum Gravity.  We have heard about Quantum Mechanics phenomenology but we hear very little about Quantum Gravity phenomenology.  Science By Number discusses what the word Backreaction actually  means (I had to ask), What Quantum Gravity phenomenology is, and what Sabine means when she says she researching this.


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