Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms  – a business that focuses on creating audio and visual content for businesses as well as providing unique and private offerings to support individuals all over the world.

Established as an Audio Alchemist, Robert offers uniquely tailored products and services to help individuals find clarity, freedom, self expression and personal expansion with personalized pieces of music and private sessions. Holding a unique container for each of his clients, he has been able to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. Because Robert creates customized products and services, he has assisted many individuals change their relationship with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, insomnia and other physical, mental and emotional ailments that affect everyday moods and wellbeing. Many of his private clients are diagnosed with cancer, moving through major life transitions, experiencing menopause and desiring alternative solutions to help create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Since he believes that everyone has their own ‘rhythm’ to their own life, every session and piece of music that Robert creates for his clients are personally tailored for their individual use. Nothing is ever duplicated or replicated for anyone else because everyone deserves to have music that serves them well.

When working with businesses, Robert’s extensive design and technical background has helped him create many relationships in the wellness, non-profit, entertainment, creative and corporate world. His professional background is quite extensive and has been able to wear ‘multiple hats’ in a variety of environments he as served as a consultant, designer and ‘go-to-guy’. Since 2000, Robert has been able to work with various clients in the graphic design world – both print and web projects, from concept to completion. He has worked with both small teams and large – working remotely and in-house. As a consultant, he has worked on audio pieces for businesses and provided various amounts of assistance with those who are illiterate with technology, workflow process, outreach and admin support. Just like his private wellness clients, when Robert creates audio content for businesses, provides unique music that is tailored for each client, leaving them to do what they please as the owners of their final product. As a connector, he values the power of relationships and has seen his personal and professional world expand because of his unique gift!

Lastly, Robert is a domestic and internationally signed music artist. Listed under the moniker, “Evlov”, Robert’s music is featured on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora. Signed by sub-labels of GeoMagneitic Records, he has two albums signed to BassStar Records in San Francisco and Ovnimoon Records in Chile. Evlovs music is available worldwide and has albums available for sale in physical and digital formats. His music has also been featured on a number of compilations and playlists all over the web. Evlov’s music has been used for motivational videos, yoga practices and much more.

And just when you have heard plenty… this is truly the beginning. You will notice Roberts passion, enthusiasm and drive for himself and others to express and their individuality, creativity, authenticity, inner potential and conscious connectivity. Robert also DJ’s and hosts private gatherings with the intention for those to congregate and resonate with the power of music, authenticity and personal connection. Tune into LifeRhythms Radio and celebrate YOUR life and rhythm. Stay Tuned!