hqdefaultI (jes) often engage in physics discussions on Facebook where inevitably the topic of the quantum particle arises.  And that is when the really creative people come out.   It really puzzled me that every person had a completely different definition of just what Quantum mechanics is. So i went to Jen, she is a grad student, she should know, and I asked her.   And we both shared the same frustration with the misconceptions that evolve from not understanding the results of the experiments done in Quantum Mechanics.

There are 3 very important ones and all three need to be assessed to get the holistic image that the quantum particle entails.

The Double Slit, The Delay Choice, and test for simultaneity vs acausality.  (the funnest one!)

These three work in combined illustration through proof about the state of the quantum particle.  The best part about Quantum Mechanics?  Nonlocality and Acausality.  Basically…Spacetime?  split off and take a hike.  Cause and effect, first this then that goes out the window.  and Space? becomes some sort of general everywhere yet nowhere kind of feeling.  Infinite extension of space if you will…space and time bail out in any kind of classical meaningful reference that we could possibly conjure.  There may even be the bizarre speculation that Time may not be what we perceive it to be….Who knows. We will have Scientific American Writer, George Musser explain the wonderful properties of entanglement next week along with the book he wrote that i STILL need to order, sigh, called “Spooky Action at a Distance”  So enjoy and stay tuned for a refreshing analysis on entanglement with Jes and Jen and Musser .  Science On.



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