As a response to some bizarre attempts to classically explain quantum mechanics via the quincunx probability machine,
Jen has been relentlessly trying to hammer in Quantum Mechanics and the double-slit experiments.
For the sake of my own sanity, I opted Jenny and I do this:

Jen and I have resolved (she is in Kansas and I am in California, so it will be a couple 6 months before we can coordinate this) to document by video this experiment demonstrated in above youtube that shows the quantum eraser effect.
Luckily, George Musser Jr. of Scientific American also conducted this particular experiment, so things should go smoothly…

and along with quantum we will also show why you won’t have an interference pattern using marbles, or peas, or baseballs.
Next week is observational astrophysicist, Bram Boroson, as our guest.

To reach either of us for questions or concerns:

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