George Musser thinking

As our conversation continued we began diving into more philosophical implications of current physics studies including a programmed universe, a matrix, entangled time, and consciousness, with a shout out to Tonini’s Integrated Information Theory. (God Bless his Phi)

Also, a new personal favorite of mine (jes), is that we talked about the onset of collaboration between neuroscience and theoretical physics.  Essentially…the brain is something the electrical engineers would have a grand time taking a whack at.  Circuitry is what we have to deal with, other stuff, but in large part, neural network and synapses firing and perceiving senses, and regulating thoughts, all of these are circuits, but what’s most fascinating that no human machine can match is that these circuits are integrated and on a highly complex level.  We can basically stalk our thoughts…computers can’t do that…yet. (call me when they do, I’m going to Mars when that happens, love ya guys, but good luck with that!)

George Musser reaches interesting levels of entanglement especially when he begins drawing out the notion of entangled time versus entangled space, we touch on simultaneity, causality, acausality, which is the bizarre idea  that quantum mechanics doesn’t seem to have a preference of which event happened first in a series of events.  No joke.  I don’t know who made these rules but I have a bone to pick with him when I’m done here on the blessed green orb.

So enjoy us getting in way over our heels in deep quantum pools of quasi-philosophical meanders, intelligent meanders, mind you!  And stay tuned for Ethan Seigel as we work on disentangling common misconceptions about what cosmologists mean when they say that the universe is expanding, and why is the cosmological constant a continues hot topic when it comes to getting a working model of the early universe and everything else to fit nicely inside of it.  – science on!

-j and j