Elizabeth in her game zone

Elizabeth in her game zone

Elizabeth is an actual Professional Poker Player and Science By Number had lots of questions about what the game involves. We got a short statistics lesson, and even a book recommendation titled “The Mathematics of Poker”  written by a BlackJack Player.  I’m already lost.

Jen plays poker as an amateur, Jes has never played.  This was a huge learning curve for Jes, and hopefully enough fundamental questions were posed  to call out to the beginning poker players out there.

The dynamics of Poker actually pulls on a very wide range of disciplines.  A lot of it is psychological and involves risk analysis. Does it help to know Math, Game Theory, and Mathematical Economics?   Not really, in fact, the best one can do is to practice and dedicate many many many hours to learning how to read risks, other peoples’ behaviors, and read a sense of the dynamics going on at the table.  Intuition may serve far much better than raw critical analysis.

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