Dr. Ben Crofchick, certified Hypnotist, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss hypnosis, diversification, and so much more! Dr. Ben tells us why diversification is important for all of us – no matter if you’re a Hypnotist or a stay-at-home mom!
Dr. Ben also shares info about the book he’s writing, “Never Be An Employee Again”, and explains that, although someone might actually enjoy being an employee (which is fine!), there is a beauty to diversifying and having a business.
He also tells us about the four zones in life (which most of us don’t know about), when it comes to working and financial freedom, and why everyone should aspire to being in zone four! We’ll even hear Dr. Ben’s views on day trading – and how learning about day trading can help your financial freedom!
This is a wonderfully informative & interesting interview you definitely don’t want to miss!
About Dr. Ben Crofchick:
I am a Certified Professional Hypnotist that offers not just hypnosis but also Mentalism and magic. I incorporate all three of these arts into my shows to enhance the benefits of hypnosis. I enjoy helping people increase their quality of life through hypnosis and sometimes just laughing at themselves.
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