Sherris Shank, C.Ht., joins Dr. Bunny to discuss what makes Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy so effective – and so much more! Sherris says that Hypnotherapy can go places that normal therapy can’t go, and she shares how Hypnotherapy has helped her personally.

Sherris also tells us about a book she is writing called The How of Change. She explains that it is designed for people who are on a path of self-development, change, or transformation, but may find themselves frustrated. Sherris wants to give the reader ways that they can communicate with their subconscious mind themselves, so that they can harness the incredible power within.

The How of Change is more than just self-hypnosis – it’s a variety of techniques, explanations, real-life stories, and practical tips. By writing this book, Sherris hopes the reader comes away filled with knowledge and easy practices to help themselves with positive change.

Tune in and learn more about the wonders of Hypnotherapy and Sherris’ upcoming book!

A Note From Sherris:
I entered the field of Hypnotherapy through the back door. After a 30-year career as a gem artist that culminated with The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History acquiring one of my gem sculptures, I was sidelined by medical trauma for 15 months.
During the many days and weeks that I spent in the hospital, I realized that the hospital system had two things to offer me: drugs and surgery. I knew that there had to be more healing opportunities available, and I wanted to find them.
After my release from the hospital, it was clear that everything in my life had to change. I was leading too high stress a life, and my body had paid the price. During my recuperation, I happened upon an article on hypnosis, and everything in my life did change.
After extensive training, I graduated as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and I am now able to help other people with a healing modality that is effective, gentle and benign. No drugs, no surgery, just a conversation with their subconscious mind.
Although I would not have chosen 15 months of medical trauma, I am glad to be where I am today. I am well and happy, physically, mentally and spiritually. This profession chose me. May I be a blessing to all.
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